• Initial Meeting and Consultation
  • Professional Project Design Guidance
  • CAD Drawing of Proposed Project

  • Detailed Proposal and Cost Breakdown
  • Detailed Time-line for Project
  • Included with Free Estimate


Basement Finish: 
Turn your un-finished basement into a comfortable living or recreational area. Basements have come a long way since the days of drop down ceiling tiles and commercial lighting. Transform your basement into the most comfortable and exciting place for your family to spend time in the home.

If you are looking to remodel your home or a certain area of your home then CHI is at your disposal. Let us redesign those areas that need help and change it into something that you can be proud of. Chances are, unless you designed the home from the foundation up, there is something you would like to change and we are ready to make that happen for you.

Home Theater:
Home Theaters are becoming an increasingly popular idea amongst homeowners. Enjoy the best seats in town for your favorite entertainment and let your friends worry about the parking. We will work with you to make the best use of your available space. Bring the action to you and your family with a custom designed home theater project from CHI.
Kitchen & Bath:
Your kitchen and bath are the most utilized rooms in the house. So whether you decide to make better use of the space or bring everything up to date, we can help you accomplish that. Our design experience and useful recommendations will guide you through the process to maximize function and aesthetics.

Deck and Patio:
A great extension and oasis to any home is a great deck or patio. When it comes to planning a deck or patio, we have you covered. Quality workmanship and design will ensure that your deck or patio will be a favorable retreat from the indoors. We offer customized solutions to meet your needs; give us a call and find out more.

Custom Woodwork:
CHI's custom woodwork is second to none. This may include work within your basement finish, remodel, library or even a project that you have been thinking about for a while. Take a look at our gallery and let us know what kind of project you have in mind. We have the tools and skills to make your custom project a true one of a kind.